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IT and Equipment Lifecycle Solutions

Our technology, certifications, and expertise ensure secure management of end-of-life hardware.
CEAR protects brand investments and safeguards data and intellectual property.

Trusted for over 24 years by organizations in business, manufacturing, finance, education, healthcare and government

Your Partner for Secure and Sustainable Hardware Services

Since 2000, CEAR has been the premier service provider for IT and manufacturing asset disposition. By utilizing customized processing techniques, advanced modular technology, and a robust operational control program CEAR has created a complete solution that is efficient and sustainable. 

Our facility security, material tracking, and in-house destruction equipment also ensures complete protection of data and intellectual property. 


CEAR conducts all operations with the goal of creating a sustainable circular economy of electronics. Beyond just recycling materials, CEAR is continuously exploring alternative means of reducing our carbon footprint and improving the environmental benefits of our practice.


CEAR provides full chain of custody control for all equipment and advanced security for proprietary and data containing equipment. Data destruction is guaranteed for all material we process.