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CEAR conducts all operations with the goal of creating a sustainable circular economy of electronics. Beyond just recycling materials, CEAR is continuously exploring alternative means of reducing our carbon footprint and improving the environmental benefits of our practice.

CEAR is committed to transitioning to 100% renewable energy use in our facilities. 

We are working with our local utility provider, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), to switch to carbon-free electricity sources they have announced Zero Carbon Plan to eliminate 100% of greenhouse gas emissions from electric generation by 2030. Currently, we have made provisions to guarantee that a majority of the electricity we use is generated from renewable sources. 

We plan to invest annually to convert our warehouse forklift fleets and other equipment to electric within 3 years. We will convert all vehicles including cars, vans, and trucks to electric within 6 years. We will continually optimize energy efficiency through entire processing. 

We will work with local governments, businesses, and communities to promote zero-emission generated resources and energy efficiency-driven programs. We will look for opportunities to incentivize our customers and supplies to improve energy efficiency by increasing the usage of renewable energy to convert fossil fuel systems into renewable electricity. 

CEAR offers recyclability assessments for our customers during the product design cycle. The ease of disassembly, reusability, and recyclability are evaluated to assist in making choices of materials. CEAR cooperates with customers’ design and engineer teams to increase the recyclability rate in end-of-life electronic products. The collaboration between OEM and CEAR drives further achievement of environmental and economic goals.  

Plastic (e-plastics) is one of the most significant constituents of electronic waste. Traditional recycling of e-plastics is insufficient and generates contaminated wastewater. CEAR collaborates with plastic recyclers and manufacturers to promote the use of PCR plastics.  

By collaborating on collection, refining, and formulary adjustments, the e-plastics from CEAR operations are redirected from landfills to manufacturers of new electronics. The PCR plastic products produced by our partners have incorporated reused rABS, rPC/ABS, rPC and rHIPS varieties These products have also achieved UL and TUV certification for sustainability during production.