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CEAR’s comprehensive demanufacturing and recycling services are optimized to be cost effective and environmentally sustainable. 

All materials that we accept are processed in house at our facility eliminating chain of custody issues and ensuring security and accountability. 

How it works:

Our innovative and advanced technology utilizes centrifugal forces to break apart end-of-life electronics at their weakest points, separating whole components and materials.

This process produces cleaner outputs and uses approximately 30% less energy than traditional knife shredders. 

Automated machine processing then further sorts and separates the materials.

Our highly efficient systems can recover materials from thousands of tons of electronic waste every year. 

Sorting, Weighing, Counting

Manual dismantling

Machine Processing


Recovered commodities are sent only to audited downstream processors and refineries to ensure compliance with our strict standards of environmental responsibility. 


Collection of E-waste can be optimized by CEAR-designed E-Cages or with our onsite packing and palletizing services. ​