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Destruction And Decomissioning

Proprietary equipment, outdated or disused technology, and branded assets can be a large portion of the end-of-life material produced by operations and facilities. 

Disposal programs must include assured and verifiable destruction to protect both data and intellectual property. 

For businesses, mitigating risks here means considering the specific needs of the business and of the material. 

Customized Solutions

CEAR knows that no one-size-fits-all solution is adequate for the different needs of every business. 

A complete solution will be tailored to the program’s specific goals and consider the sources and security needs of equipment. Customized services will also optimize the cost and efficiency of processes.  

CEAR offers ways to improve any existing program by handling proprietary assets, off warranty, returned or recalled products and performing hardware destruction. 

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

The mishandling of assets can expose businesses to risks that include regulatory non-compliance, data breaches, and reputational damage. Environmental concerns should also be factored into any asset destruction program. 

CEAR’s Certified asset destruction programs provide businesses with peace of mind by adhering to industry standards and legal requirements, incorporating sustainable practices without sacrificing security.   

Protection of Intellectual Property and Data

Proprietary assets represent valuable intellectual property that must be protected. Data can also exist on various equipment or hardware and should always be handled securely regardless of how sensitive the information may be.  

CEAR provides secure and confidential disposal of such assets, ensuring that information is entirely inaccessible.

Our full chain of custody tracking also ensures complete accountability and security. 

CEAR can customize services to achieve our customers’ goals while minimizing any environmental and financial exposure caused by mismanagement of assets.  

Our certified asset destruction program has been designed for the highest level of service. 

Contact CEAR to create a custom solution and improve your asset management program.