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IT Asset Disposition​

IT asset disposition is the process that ensures an organization’s electronic equipment is managed securely and responsibly once it is deemed no longer useful or needed.

CEAR’s ITAD solutions are designed to achieve maximum efficiency at the greatest value for our customers. 

Updating or Upgrading your IT assets? Our disposition services are tailored to meet your specific needs and guarantee the highest standards of data protection, value recovery, and compliance with all corporate and environmental regulations.  

How it works:

Tracked Transportation

Sorting and Data Sanitization

Market Analysis

Refurbishing Or Parts Recovery

Resale Or Redeployment

Device Assessment

We determine what must be done to ensure complete data security and what the best way to recover value from each device will be. 

Asset Tracking

Assets only move once, from your location to ours, and all transportation is tracked via GPS. Serial numbers of each device are recorded using our asset tracking software for complete chain-of-custody control.

Data Sanitization

All identifying labels and all data are removed from devices. Storage media is destroyed if required.


Devices are then prepared for either resale or recycling depending on the needs of the customer and the value that can be recovered.


Recycling takes place in-house and all recovered component materials are sent only to audited downstream processors and refineries. 

Transparent Closed-Loop

Throughout the process, devices never leave our secured facility and CEAR is committed to providing end to end transparency of our closed loop service. 

Retired assets can be a security liability, but the right ITAD strategy will provide valuable returns and eliminate data breach risks. 

To find out how your organization can successfully navigate the IT Asset Disposition process and create a customized solution, contact us today