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Striving for Circularity

The ideal implementation of a circular economy removes waste by design and aims to perpetuate the use of a material in its highest form. For electronics, this means devices must be built for longevity, repair, and ease of recycling. But despite significant advancements of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Right-to-Repair legislation, this goal remains distant. Legacy devices too, will continue to enter waste streams long after the sustainability of new electronics is improved.

The best interim strategy, therefore, is to optimize the recovery of material. In addition to refurbishing and reusing as many devices as possible, CEAR is constantly exploring downstream destinations and new markets for every residual material we produce. Our advanced recycling technology preserves more metals and produces clean materials that require minimal processing to be returned to productive use in the economy and in society.

At this time, CEAR has begun an ambitious project that will not only reduce waste created through our operations, but also enable detailed tracking of the environmental impact of our processes for the benefit of our customers. We look forward to sharing our progress as we continually advance our innovative solutions and sustainability.