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Secure Data Destruction

Secure your data with the right destruction program

CEAR's Solutions

CEAR’s data destruction services are customized to the unique needs of each organization. Our comprehensive service is a one-stop IT assed disposition solution. Read about some of our main services below.  

Shredding is the most suitable data destruction method when devices cannot be reused. It can also be fast, inexpensive, and effective for a wide range of storage devices including hard disk and solid state drives, data tapes, optical drives, and electronics.

Often called erasure or wiping, this is the process of using specialized software to write meaningless data onto drives or devices. This is usually done in large batches where many drives are simultaneously wiped. Overwriting is best for devices that can be reused, and damaged drives cannot be cleared this way since the process depends on the hardware.  Wiping can be time consuming for larger hard disk storage capacities and requires a quality control check, but it allows for certificates of destruction to automatically account for each individual storage device and they can be reused or resold to recover value.

Our onsite service can include shredding or overwriting depending on the equipment and the customer’s needs. Serial number recording is an option for each drive to allow for precise auditing and a certificate of destruction is provided for all work. 

At the CEAR facility we can provide all of our certified data destruction services and both witnessed or video recorded destruction is available. Our GPS tracked trucks securely transport devices to our one-stop facility where we have full CCTV coverage and comprehensive access controls.


CEAR’s data wiping and media destruction services are NAID AAA certified and comply with NIST-800-88, DoD, and NSA standards. 


Assets are transported to our facility with secure GPS tracking systems. We record the weight, quantity and serial numbers of all storage media and provide complete chain of custody control.

Certified Sanitization

We provide certificates of wiping or destruction for all data sanitization projects. 

How it works:

Our plant based services follow extensive security protocols to ensure data is properly sanitized. Our destruction services can also be performed onsite or with witness or video recording verification. 

GPS Tracked transportation

Receiving and Secure Storage

Software based Data wiping

Physical Destruction by shredding

Destruction Certificates Issued

Our highly secure facility and compete chain of custody solution eliminates data breach risks. 

To find out how we can create a customized solution for your organization, contact us today