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Refurbished devices for a Circular Economy of Electronics

Devices that bear the CEAR-CIRCULAR sticker are certified to be refurbished by our expert technicians.

All devices sold by CEAR can be returned to CEAR along with any packaging to be properly recycled or refurbished through our certified services

Sustainable Solutions to the e-Waste Problem

Prevent unused electronics from losing value or becoming a data security risk

Just Upgraded?

CEAR creates custom solutions for IT Asset Disposition, Recycling and Secure Data Destruction.

At CEAR, our mission is to provide responsible and comprehensive electronics management solutions.  

The devices we handle are completely sanitized of all personal information and those that cannot be reused are recycled in-house to ensure no material goes to waste.

Take a look at all of our services for more details

Check out the Resources section of our website for nearby locations for recycling electronics. Additionally, CalRecycle’s website provides a full list of locations that can recycle e-waste here

Wondering about the stickers?

Our CEAR-CIRCULAR stickers are made from 100% home-compostable, FSC Certified paper and soy based ink. 

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment drives everything we do.