Recognizing the global need for renewable resources and data security, CEAR began two decades ago in environmental sustainability and electronic asset recovery. Our closed loop services include IT Asset Disposition, Secure Data Destruction and Recycling. CEAR maintains an unparalleled commitment to the environment. From our facility’s low energy consumption processing technologies, the products we purchase for our office, to the company vehicles in our fleet, we are devoted to practicing environmentally sound methods. Our family of employees, our customers and the planet’s resources are the motivation for our dedication.


Our People

We are incredibly proud of the team we have built over the past two decades. Our employees all share the same enthusiasm and value for reuse and recycling innovation. Providing the most reliable and efficient services is what drives our very diverse group representing more than 10 countries and languages. Within that diversity we all work toward one common goal, creating a circular marketplace for electronics while making the planet better for human kind.


Our Technology

Our process is unique and advanced for end-of-life electronics recycling. Utilizing centrifugal chain force to accelerate and separate material to various clean commodities, CEAR uses less energy and minimizes environmental impact.


Our Solutions

Our secure services include IT Asset Disposition, Data Destruction and Recycling.

  • Our IT ASSET DISPOSITION (ITAD) solution is designed to achieve maximum efficiency at the greatest value for our customers. The goal of the program is to help recover some of the initial capital invested in discarded electronics.
  • Our AAA NAID Certified SECURE DATA DESTRUCTION provides a full chain of custody solution. CEAR physically shreds and granulates the data containing equipment or device to meet our customer’s requirements. CEAR provides certified onsite and offsite destruction services that comply with HIPPA, FACTA and GLB standards.
  • Our RECYCLING solution is unique and cost effective. We provide onsite collection, training and logistics services. CEAR’s e-cage is a sustainable packaging option for our customer’s convenience. Our fleet of trucks include GPS tracking systems offering our customers completely secure transportation.


Our Certifications

Our industry is evolving and as a result we are continually improving our business model. CEAR has achieved the industries’ highest standards of certification for environmental health, data security and overall e-waste management. Our certifications include;