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CEAR Continues the Transition to Renewable Energy

As already fragile global supply chains struggle to return to normalcy, surging energy costs are adding additional strain to many industries. Fuel and electricity prices are rapidly increasing and raising the costs of just about everything as a result. This volatility has time and again strained our energy dependent economy. If the current cost of building renewables is not yet directly competitive with oil, coal, and natural gas then it may soon be.

It is already clear that renewable energy sources have huge cost saving potential when considered as an investment and a measure against fuel price swings, but existing infrastructure and market barriers are delaying more rapid adoption. Now may be the best time to support carbon reduction goals to help enable the transition to clean alternative energy. In California’s Capitol, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has created a plan to become the nation’s first large utility provider to completely eliminate carbon emissions by 2030, improving upon a previous goal of net-zero emissions.

CEAR has been working closely with SMUD to advance this goal by adopting the Greenergy program to source all our energy from renewables, switching to led lighting, and transitioning our equipment to electric. CEAR has been dedicated to promoting resource independence and circularity since recycling operations began over 2 decades ago and we continue to look for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and to better serve our customers and community.