CEAR is committed to managing end-of-life electronics, components and materials:
  1. Seeking opportunities for screening, testing and refurbishing equipment and components to promote their reuse above all else, when contractually permissible.
  2. Demanufacturing residual, non-reusable equipment, and sort the resulting commodities to maximize clean recovery of metals, plastics and all other economically feasible recoverable materials.
  3. Directing all recovered residual materials and commodities to properly equipped and responsible recycling facilities.
  4. Directing all other remaining materials to properly equipped energy recovery or disposal facilities only after all other reasonable attempts to reuse and/or recover materials.
This policy will be communicated to all employees, suppliers, customers and other interested stakeholders. All downstream vendors will be advised of our requirement for due diligence audits, prior to any potential shipments.
Download Our Reuse, Recover & Disposal Hierarchy Policy