CEAR is continually working on innovation to keep our secure processing services environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our process uses centrifugal technology to accelerate and separate material instead of traditional knife-cutting methods. In a cyclone chamber, the materials accelerate to specific speeds and the impact quickly liberates them into their composite parts, simultaneously avoiding the escape of hazardous substances. This cleaner reverse manufacturing produces top-quality outputs.


IT Asset Disposition

Our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solution is designed to achieve maximum efficiency at the greatest value for our customers. The goal of the program is to eliminate data security risks, achieve environmental sustainability and recover some of the initial capital invested in discarded electronics.

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Secure Data Destruction

Our NAID AAA certified secure data destruction provides a full chain of custody solution. Our 100% erasure or destruction, defined by our customer’s individual needs, guarantees data security.  CEAR provides certified onsite and offsite destruction services that comply with HIPPA, FACTA and GLB standards.

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Our recycling solution is cost effective and environmentally sustainable. Our innovative technology utilizes centrifugal force to break the end-of-life electronics at their weakest point. Through downstream automated processing the raw materials are sorted and refinery ready. Our innovative technology utilizes centrifugal force to break down end-of-life electronics through collision. This process uses less energy and produces cleaner outputs.

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