August 30th 2018, CEAR becomes a Sacramento Area Sustainable Business

CEAR achieved certification as a Sacramento Area Sustainable Business. The categories include; Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Solid Waste Reduction, Green Building and Transportation and Air Quality.

‘We are proud to be recognized as a business that is going far beyond compliance in environmental sustainability. The core of our business is to sustain the environment through electronics reuse (ITAD) and recycling, so it is nice to be recognized for our internal practices as well.’ — Paul Gao, president and CEO

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August 17, 2018- Paul Gao is appointed Board Member of the National Stewardship Action Council.

The National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC) is a network of committed proponents comprised of governments, non-government organizations, businesses, and consumers who advocate that producers fairly share responsibility in a circular economy.

NSAC supports Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to conserve resources, reduce costs to local governments, create jobs in remanufacturing, and provide a circular economy. NSAC’s goal is to align public and private sectors through information and partnerships to implement and ensure sustainable recovery systems where producers have an appropriate level of sharing in the responsibility for those systems.

To learn more about the NSAC Board click here.

July, 2018 CEAR wins the California Product Stewardship Council’s Bow & Arrow Award for Recycling Partnerships

CEAR is the winner of the 2018 Bow and Arrow award winner for creative partnerships and demonstrating the inter-dependence among stakeholders.

The CEAR team is pleased to continue our collaboration with local governments and work tirelessly to pave the way for more recycling opportunities. Our focus on reuse in the electronics recycling sector is helping to create a circular economy and to allow for more sustainability in the ‘e-waste’ industry.

From left to right: Colleen Foster (City of Oceanside, CPSC Board Member), Kristin Dilallo (CEAR, Director of Marketing), Doug Kobold (CPSC Chair), Tedd Ward (Del Norte County, CPSC Board Member). —Photo by Matt Molinari.

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